EP Workshops

Endless Praise Workshop Info – Please click here to download.

ENDLESSPRAISE is able to provide quality workshops that will expand the creative experience of your youth, worship & drama teams. These workshops can be modified in duration and content to accommodate your group’s requirements. The workshops work better with group maximum of up 25.

Workshop Duration -Workshops can be provided in the following time segments

30 minutes
40 minutes
50 minutes
OTHER – up to 90 minutes

Workshop Content
Song Writing Description Writing Lyrics Song Themes Musical Styles Arranging the Song Benefits of Song Writing
is original in content, composed by the members themselves. Utilising each person’s individual experiences and preferences, ENDLESSPRAISE will demonstrate how to develop an original song.

Vocal Training

Vocal Exercises to Prepare, Strengthen & Improve the Voice
Breathing Exercises to Enhance Vocal Control
Incorporating Two, Three and Four Part Harmonies

Praise & Worship

The Purpose of Worship
Leading Worship
The Selection of Appropriate Songs
Knowing the Song, Catering for your School/Church
The Relationship between Song Selection and a General Theme
Presentation (Dress code, Self Presentation)
Commitment and Dedication – Attending Practice, Punctuality
Confidence: Being present on stage, the microphone is your friend not your enemy
Attitude: Servants, attitude, being positive, etc
Band Dynamics

The Purpose & Role of the Band: Worship; Leading your Congregation into Worship
Rehearsal Techniques: How to approach rehearsals? How to achieve dynamics/or add dynamics to a piece; Plan rehearsals; Preparation
Working with others: Rhythm section; Social events
Following your Leader: Worship leader; Music Director
Encouragement: Further develop gifts (i.e. lessons); Give opportunities;
Questions & Answers
ENDLESSPRAISE encourages the musicians to please bring their own instruments.

Role Playing
From a Christian perspective, ENDLESS PRAISE will encourage the group to explore creative ideas with enthusiasm that will enable them to express themselves in those areas.
Girl Talk

Self Esteem
Issues with Confidence
Values & Worth
In this workshop the team first get acquainted with each group with comfortable & fun icebreakers. This is followed by open discussion on topics which affect the lives of girls that are sometimes difficult to deal with. With much care and encouragement, young people are given helpful insights as to how to deal with each situation. Being made aware that they are not the only ones with these types of emotional reactions, will hopefully give them strength and courage to slowly begin to overcome their fears. Proverbs 31

Description / Character / Excellence/ Influence
The EP girls bring this chapter alive with deep insights, humour and interactive study. The need to encourage all women to strive to be this generation’s Proverbs 31 woman is the reason behind this workshop.