EP Statement of Belief

Endless Praise Statement of Belief – Please click here to download.

Although we understand and accept that EP members can have various views in regards to Bible interpretation, we, nevertheless, abide by definite doctrinal standards, which we expect each EP member to adhere his/her life by as a condition of membership

1.We believe in the existence of God as manifested by the Holy Trinity: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

2.We believe that God is the Creator. We believe the Universe and Earth were created by His spoken word, and nothing in it was not created by Him.

3.We believe in Jesus as being all God, manifesting Himself in human form for the salvation of the world.

4.We believe in the all atoning, saving death of Jesus Christ, understanding fully well that there is no name under heaven by which we are saved. His resurrection testifies that we, through Him, can also come to have Life.

5.We believe in salvation by grace, understanding fully that human effort cannot, in the slightest, bring us any closer to Him. Grace, being a free gift given on behalf of humanity, is a manifestation of the infinite love of God, and is given only as a result of our faith in Him.

6.We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to lead us to all truth and to convince us of sin. We believe that through the Holy Spirit, we are empowered by His gifts to serve Him and be witnesses throughout the world.

7.We believe in the eminent Second Coming of Jesus Christ. We believe He is coming back again to redeem us and take us to our final and eternal home, all those who, by faith have accepted His grace. We believe that time is little, and the workers are few and that it is every Christian’s duty to spread the Gospel.