EP Project

We are inviting people like yourself to be part of the family that can contribute financially to-wards the running costs of EP in the building of His kingdom. Where you can’t go, rest assured that EP can. We see a great need to urgently obtain partnership with more faithful contributors to be able to cover the high demands of keeping the bus running for close to 11 months of the year, a team of up to 7 on the road and be able to cover all the other many expenses that a ministry such as Endless Praise can have.

We urge you to come on board and be part of this team with one united purpose and goal of taking the hope there is in Christ to significant little precious ones such as the children we meet in the primary schools; as well as the anxious and energetic young people we meet in the high schools and youth groups we get to spend quality time with; and the ageing generation with their warm and tyred hearts that have walked this road for many a years! What a privilege it is to come face to face every day with the reality of a sinned marked world but knowing we come supported by an overfilled ‘Holy’ company of believers, meaning, us, you and God taking a message of hope which requires the receiver to only whisper the words ‘I believe in you Jesus’….let me tell you, for us the EP team, that have been witnesses to many of those moments in life, that is priceless!
Below is detailed information on how easy it is for you to become part of the Endless Praise Sponsor family.
We thank you for what you are about to sign up for and know that you have entrusted your funds in one of God’s direct commission to show people the God that has made all the difference in yours and our lives! Thank you and always be expectant of an abundance of God’s blessings.
project3I read something today that was emailed to me and I want to pass it on to you as it is a real blessing in words:
Kindness given, extended, shared and sown will always come back. Whatsoever a man or woman sows that will they also reap. Sow kind-ness and you’ll reap not only kindness when you need it, but the fruit, rewards and joy kindness creates. And as it says in Proverbs 11:25 “… He who refreshes others, will themselves be refreshed”.
We thank you and love you!
To continue this vital ministry, we need your HELP!
Each donation that people like yourself generously contribute will help ENDLESSPRAISE reach out to the next school, the next youth group, the next destination.
Contributions from $20 a month will go a long way with helping us meet the numerous expenses involved with keeping ENDLESSPRAISE on the road, such as petrol, running costs for the bus, office expenses, and living expenses to name just a few.
Please consider being part of PROJECT: HELP and help us continue to share the gospel of Jesus with a generation in desperate need of hope.
projecthelp_1For more information and to discover more about the EP journey, see the Project Help Sponsorship Form
or to express your interest, please contact us at epconnect@epraise.com.au